Visited Funky Bones today and some young women were having a TFIOS picnic. Strange and wonderful to eavesdrop on their conversation as Alice played on the bones for the first time.


 Photo Manipulations and Digital Art by Marc Da Cunha LopesVertebrata

 Large skeleton species within modern environmentsVertebrata (Zool.) One of the grand divisions of the animal kingdom, comprising all animals that have a backbone composed of bony or cartilaginous vertebræ.

The worst skeleton ever


That I found for sale in a decor store


…Let’s….deconstruct this…


So this looks like a metapodial just sitting on the rib cage connecting to the WHAT THE HELL IS THAT CIRCLE THING???? (tumor?!!!) No shoulder blade. Humerus is the new elbow? No carpals….


Oh god, what is THIS? The femurmetapodialhumerus is on the bottom. The pretend-femur is actually a two part tibulafibia, the half pelvis is slapped on. No tarsals in sight.